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S & V Service Center Knows How Much is Riding on Your Tires

When you need help with your tires for Bellaire, OH, trust the superb tire experts at S & V Service Center. Tires take on a variety of elements every day, which leads to some serious wear and tear. Some wear down to the point where a small fix could be necessary, while other, more serious fixes could be needed.

No matter what kind of challenges you are dealing with when it comes to tires, our mechanics are ready to help you. They have seen a wide array of tire problems from routine fixes to the most difficult. Your tires will get the proper care and attention that they deserve. Keep your tires in prime condition by giving us a call at (304) 232-9231 for an appointment.

Servicing All of the Major Tire Brands That Your Car Uses

Not every tire works on every vehicle. Some cars work best with certain brands, while others need a different manufacturer. Count on our tire experts to know the signs of wear and tear. Everyday elements can take their toll, and over time, they show signs of trouble.


Our trained mechanics know how to treat a variety of tire damage. That includes tire patches, fix-a-flats, tire plugs, and rotations. Our comprehensive tire repairs will help save you from full tire replacement, where possible.

Replacing Your Tires When Time Passes Them By

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, tires have their own lifespan, like every other part of your vehicle. Let our skilled tire specialists handle replacing the rubber on the road for you. No matter what condition your tire is in, let us help you find the right replacement you need. Check out some of the great brands that our shop offers, including:

Come find out why our friends and neighbors believe in our excellent tire care service.


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