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Keep Your Car Feeling Comfortable with AC Repair at S & V Service Center

Next time you need AC repair for Shadyside, OH, make the call to S & V Service Center. There is nothing worse than feeling overheated in your car on a warm day. It can be more stressful when you do not know what is causing the problem. Do not allow your getaways to be overwhelmed by the heat.

Get excellent AC repair from superior repairmen. They use great precision and attention to detail to diagnose what is going on with your air conditioning system. It is never fun to have to make a trip anywhere when you feel exhausted from the heat. Let us help keep you cool by scheduling your AC repair appointment at (304) 232-9231.

Helping You Stay Comfortable, No Matter How Long Your Ride

No matter how long or short your trip is, not having your air conditioner running can create a lot of problems. Those can be worsened when you cannot open your window even the slightest bit. Our AC repair offering is thorough and allows you the peace of mind that will keep you cool on the road.


Our mechanics check a variety of areas, including your refrigerant, compressors, pressure switch, condensers, sensors, and more. We know that quality parts make a difference as you go about everyday life. That is why we check them with great precision and dedication to detail. This helps us make the best repair possible so you can go on with life.

Giving Our Customers an Affordable Repair Job for Their Vehicle

Our AC repair experts know that everyone’s air conditioning system is different, depending on the make and model of the car. They have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to take care of any repair you throw their way. Many times, drivers feel tempted to take care of these repairs themselves. Sometimes, though, that may result in even more serious misses.

S & V Service Center offers quality work that is meant to last at a fair price. Your repairs will be done in a timely manner and done right. Let us help you ensure a cool, comfortable trip wherever you may be going. Get ready for your next trip across town or the country with our AC repair service. Get in contact with our shop today to make the next ride an easier one.

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